Stop Gender-Based Violence during crises

Jennifer Lawil is a 30-year-old woman living with her husband and children in Paromo village, Uganda –  When the government announced a country-wide lockdown on the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in March everything changed for them.

“When my husband’s business of operating a small bar and being a builder was halted, he stopped being cooperative at home; He would return home drunk and when he didn’t find dinner ready, he would start beating me not minding whether the children were there or not. When he became violent, I sought help from the Local Council and they referred me to ActionAid as they were well known to help families during crisis”. Jennifer Lawil – Uganda.

Will you help women like Jennifer find the support they need to face GBV and protect her family?

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In addition to psycho-social support during COVID-19 crisis, a total of 450 families benefited from receiving food parcels in both Amuru and Gulu, each family receiving 6 kilograms of beans and 12 kilograms of maize flour.

€10 a month could provide food and essential supplies to women and their families during a crisis.

Your long-term support could help ActionAid to plan ahead and make this possible. Your donation will fund ActionAid’s work with women and girls wherever the need is greatest.

Will you help women like Jennifer to receive the help they need in uncertain times?

Give a monthly donation

Why a monthly donation?

Every donation counts, and we’re grateful for whatever you can afford. A one-off donation is a fantastic start, but it’s crucial we can be there for women in the long term — whatever it takes. Your donation will fund ActionAid’s work with women and girls wherever the need is greatest. 

From creating safe spaces for women and children in conflicts to making sure women are part of essential crisis-response decision-making, your support could transform entire communities and save lives.   

Give a monthly donation

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