Emergencies & Conflicts

When disaster strikes our continuous presence in many countries allows us to respond immediately to local needs.

We can prioritise the needs of the most vulnerable and ensure women and marginalised communities are not left out of decision making.

When a disaster strikes, our local staff work round the clock delivering life-saving supplies to the worst hit communities. We seek to put local women in charge, advising what their communities need, and overseeing the distribution of aid to the most vulnerable, to ensure fairness and transparency. They ensure that people get the life-saving aid that is their right.

In the long term, we work to rebuild communities, and strengthen their resilience. ActionAid trains women in leadership skills and disaster preparedness so that they are better equipped to lead their communities — in times of crisis and beyond.


Disaster affected people have the right to assistance: both immediate lifesaving support which meet basic needs whilst also working to address underlying inequalities and promote long-term change. Our rights-based approach promotes the leadership, engagement and agency of poor and excluded people, particularly women, ensuring they are at the centre of emergency response.

Covid Emergency Appeal

ActionAid is on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis helping to stop the spread and save lives as the pandemic hits the world’s poorest countries.

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