Emergencies & Conflicts

When disaster strikes our continuous presence in many countries allows us to respond immediately to local needs.

Our rights-based approach to disasters combines emergency response with programmes and policy work. This helps people increase their resilience to disasters. We also work to address the structural reasons for poverty and vulnerability.


In all our work, we prioritise the needs and rights of the most vulnerable. Our approach focuses on doing things different by:

  • Ensuring community-led responses
  • Committing to long-term response
  • Promoting women’s rights and safe places
  • Putting women and children first


Up to 12 million people across Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland are in urgent need of food assistance as severe drought has caused a humanitarian crisis.

ActionAid is already on the ground helping people affected by the drought.

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ActionAid is continuing its response in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful hurricane to hit the Caribbean in nearly a decade.

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Supporting refugees and migrants

Since autumn 2015, ActionAid Greece has helped 80,000 refugees with information in their own language, supported refugee women in Day Centres and distributed relief items such as blankets during the harsh winter.

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Emergency facts and figures:

  • There are now 60 million refugees in the world and over half of these are children. If all the world’s refugees set up a state, it would be the 24th most populous country on the planet!
  • Conflict affects civilians. In WWI 5% of casualties were civilian, in WWII it was 50% and by the 1990s it was 90%
  • Natural disasters, such as droughts, place a greater burden on women. Women are often responsible for providing water and food for the household
  • Vulnerable groups are likely to suffer most following a disaster. This includes women, children, the elderly, ethnic minorities, marginalised communities, people with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDs.

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