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Siobhán McGee, CEO, ActionAid Ireland

Anna Lee Chair

Anna Lee, Chair of the ActionAid Ireland Board

ActionAid Ireland is governed by a Board of Directors whose principal responsibilities are the setting and monitoring of the strategic direction of the organisation, monitoring compliance, ensuring the efficient and effective use of resources and the establishment of policy. No remuneration is paid to Directors for their services on the Board. Directly incurred expenses are reimbursed, if claimed. ActionAid Ireland’s directors are required to declare any conflicts of interest on an annual basis. The directors have each declared that there are no conflicts of interest with regards to their involvement as trustees of ActionAid Ireland.

ActionAid Ireland is signed up to the Governance Code and the Dochas Code of Governance.

Board of Directors

  • Anna Lee (Chair from January 2019)
  • Anna Fitzgerald (Director since 2019, Company Treasurer since 2019)
  • Claire Callanan (Director since 2018, Company Secretary since 2019)
  • Agnes Kalungu-Banda (Director since 2014)
  • Greg Maher (Director since 2018)
  • James Foley (Director since 2018)
  • Fiona O’Malley (Director since 2018)

Read full bios for our Board of Directors here.

Details of the staff team here.

CEO Remuneration

ActionAid Ireland’s CEO is paid a gross salary of €75,000 per year. The company operates a defined contribution pension scheme which is available to all employees, to which both ActionAid and the employees contribute. The CEO is the highest paid staff member, and has no further benefits.

As disclosed in ActionAid Ireland’s Audited Accounts for 2018, total Expenditure in 2017 was €2,552,660. Of the total expenditure for ActionAid Ireland, 89% was for charitable activities: overseas development work, emergency response activities, overseas support costs and local campaigning and communications. The remaining 11% was spent on the costs of raising funds and on governance.

As of January 2019 ActionAid Ireland has ten full-time paid staff members and two part-time paid staff members.

As a supporter of ActionAid you are entitled to
  • Information concerning the projects which ActionAid Ireland supports.
  • Confidentiality and a choice as to whether you wish to receive further information from ActionAid Ireland in the future
You can be assured that, as a charity supported by voluntary public donations ActionAid Ireland will always
  • Prepare fully audited accounts which are available to you for inspection, in accordance with the Statement of Recommended Practice for Charities.
  • Adhere to the Governance Code, a Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable (CVC) organisations in Ireland
  • Keep administrative and fundraising costs to a minimum
  • Adhere to the Dochas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages
  • Fully commit to achieving the standards contained within the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising.
For more information please see

Triple Locked

We take our obligations around transparency and good governance seriously. ActionAid Ireland has achieved the “triple-lock” of good governance and reporting standards:

This has been recognised by Charities Institute Ireland, of which we are a member.

CHY Number 6888, Company Registration Number 95403, Charity Reg. No. 20013790

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