Campaigning for change

We are campaigning for long-lasting transformative and sustainable change. This means challenging the root causes of poverty that keep people living in poverty. And so, we keep pressure on governments and corporations to combat inequality and make sure that women and children can live free from violence. We fight to tackle policies and attitudes that hold women and children back.

Climate Justice

Fund Our Future – Global Climate Campaign


The climate crisis is causing devastation across the globe. Extreme weather events – including record high temperatures and severe storms and rainfall are wreaking havoc. Women are the hardest hit when climate change threatens essential natural resources (like food and water supplies), and they are most at risk during climate disasters, yet have the least access to justice and reparations for the impacts that occur. This compounds poverty and inequality and undermines attempts to alleviate poverty.

Fossil fuels and industrial agriculture are the two biggest drivers of the climate crisis. As the crisis escalates, these industries continue to expand and thrive. We are campaigning for banks and financial institutions to divert funding away from harmful agribusiness and fossil fuels, towards solutions such as renewable energy and agroecology.

Read more about the trillions currently being invested in climate-harming activities, and how Ireland is facilitating this. 

Loss and Damage

At COP27 we joined activists from around the world to advocate for a loss and damage funding facility – and we won. Read more about the victory here and read our report on why loss and damage funding is particularly important for women here. Our advocacy work at COP27 was reported in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, The and Irish Examiner as well as news outlets across the country and around the world.

Economic Justice

What is economic justice?

ActionAid fights for more equitable redistribution of the world’s resources to achieve economic justice for women living in poverty and exclusion.

Tax Justice

ActionAid has been campaigning for tax justice since 2011 – having identified tax avoidance and harmful tax practices as a structural cause for poverty and a key inhibitor to the realisation of human rights.


Around the world we are fighting for better and fairer public services, such as healthcare and education that will benefit everyone. We are campaigning against unfair policies which take money out of the public service and cut vital public service jobs. Read ActionAid’s recent report The Public Versus Austerity here.

Right now, global education is in crisis. With 69 million more teachers required to meet the sustainable development goals. Yet the IMF continues to advise lower-income countries to cut their public sector wage bills and so reducing teachers’ pay and the number of teachers. You can read our paper Education versus Austerity here. And sign our petition to asking the Irish government to use their influence to stop the cuts to global education here.

Other campaigns that we support:

  • Equal access to the Covid-19 vaccine: ActionAid Ireland is member of a People’s Vaccine Ireland and Access to Medicines Ireland.
  • The EU opposes annexation and considers illegal settlements in occupied territories as an obstacle to international peace and stability. But even though illegal settlements constitute a war crime, the EU allows trade with them. We are campaigning for support for the European Citizen’s Initiative to
  • People living in Direct Provision who are campaigning for the Irish Government to respect the rights and privacy of people living in Direct Provision. Learn more.

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