Terrified and starving families trapped so cruelly in the hell of Gaza

As the conflict in Gaza rages on, the epic scale of the devastation affects everyone. But it has been especially brutal for women and children – shockingly, they account for 72% of civilian deaths. Over half of Gaza’s population are children – so many will now require lifelong care because they’ve had to endure trauma, loss, injuries and amputations without anaesthesia. Countless children are now completely on their own having lost their mam and dad, their brothers and sisters.

ActionAid, through our local staff and partners, is working around the clock in highly dangerous circumstances – and we are reaching tens of thousands of people in dire need.

Your donation will help families in Gaza and other places where emergencies and conflict wreck havoc.

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Terrified and starving families trapped so cruelly in the hell of Gaza

ActionAid’s work in Gaza

The situation in Gaza continues to be unimaginable. People are devastated, traumatised, homeless. They are grieving lost loved ones. Malnutrition is everywhere.

But, thanks to the generosity of supporters, we have reached over 195,000 people directly with humanitarian relief in Gaza. This includes supporting 80,000 individuals and families with food assistance, supporting 70,000 with access to healthcare, distributing hygiene supplies and clothing to over 5,000 people, and supporting 20,000 access latrine facilities at a displacement camp in Rafah.

ActionAid has been in Palestine since 1993. Our staff and partners are part of the local community. They know the dangers, the challenges – and the solutions. But they urgently need help.

Your donation will support our work in Gaza and other emergency responses. Find out more about how we support women during emergencies.

Can you support families in Gaza, and elsewhere in the world facing conflict and emergencies?

Voices from Gaza:


Amani is a 29-year-old mother who has been displaced multiple times and is now staying in a tent with her family of five after they were displaced by the Israeli military campaign on Gaza. She has three children, aged 12, nine and six months, and says she struggles to access enough food to meet their needs. The family is surviving on nothing but bread and lentils and she is unable to find formula or baby food for her youngest.

‘My infant needs food; He needs formula and baby food, but I can’t provide it. This war took us decades back in time. We have nothing. The life we live now is unbearable’

Voices from Gaza: Amani

Dr Aaliyah

Doctor Aaliyah is a 32-year-old doctor who specialises in maternity and infant healthcare. Before the war, the nursery ward would usually have a maximum of 10 or 11 babies receiving incubator care at a time, but currently, she says they are treating 70 babies.

‘We can rarely get baby formula for infants. Even breastfeeding mothers suffer.
They don’t have enough food to produce milk and feed their babies.’

Voices from Gaza: Dr Aaliyah

How your support will make a crucial difference

Donations to this appeal will reach the frontline of need quickly and will be put to work to improve – and even save – the lives of babies, children, mams and dads in Gaza and other countries where conflict and emergencies strike.

In Gaza, ActionAid and our partners have:

  • Reached over 80,000 people with food assistance, including over 11,000 with hot meals.
  • Supported 20,000 people with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services such as latrine facilities in Rafah.
  • Provided health and maternity services to over 70,000 people, including reaching pregnant women through two mobile clinics.
  • Provided protection services to over 4,000 women and children.
  • Continued to campaign for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. Once the fighting stops, we will be ready to work with local women’s leadership groups to plan recovery and rebuilding.

Your gift won’t just make a huge difference for people in Palestine – we’re also assisting the most-in-need families and refugees in the wider region and elsewhere in the world. People who are trapped in the hell of emergencies or conflict.
Please, make an urgent life-saving donation to help families in greatest need today.

Gaza Emergency - Food supply - ActionAid

ActionAid partner Wefaq distributing hot food, fresh fruit and vegetables.


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