About ActionAid Ireland

We provide long term support to women and their children in developing countries, so they can overcome the obstacles holding them back.

We work with the poorest women and children in the world, changing their lives for good.

We know that supporting women in a community has a powerful effect on everybody, lifting up their children, their families and future generations.

And so, our approach is to empower local women to take control over their own lives. In our programmes women decide what their priorities are and we support them to make change for themselves.

We support them with education and training, for example: literacy; numeracy; work skills; leadership skills; and how to achieve their rights to healthcare, work and education.

We are an independent organisation with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.


A Rohingya woman washing hands at a hand wash station that ActionAid
provided in Cox’s Bazar Rohingya Refugee Camp, Bangladesh. Photo: Fabeha Monir/ActionAid

What We Do

We take a Human Rights Based Approach to ending poverty, meaning that we don’t impose solutions but work with communities giving them the tools and resources to improve their own lives.

We work in solidarity with the poorest and most marginalised women and children. We teach numeracy, literacy and human rights so women so that they can gain more control over their families lives. And we campaign to change the structures that keep people poor.

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Where We Work

ActionAid works with over 15 million people in 45 countries around the world. ActionAid Ireland is currently funding programmes across six of these countries in Africa and Asia, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia.


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How we are creating change

In June 2017, we launched a five year strategy, Realising Rights for Women and Children. This served as our guide for how we we make change for the last five years. We are currently in the process of developing a new strategy, which will be our road map for the next five years.

Realising Rights for Women and Children means supporting women, empowering them to take control of their lives. It’s women led. Women decide their priorities and ActionAid supports them – with education and training, literacy, numeracy, leadership skills.

Learn more about our new strategy and our three big goals:

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Finances and Accountability

ActionAid Ireland has achieved the “triple-lock” of good governance and reporting standards: the Board of Directors monitors compliance with the Charities Regulator Governance Code, the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising and the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) under FRS102.

Visit this page for more information on our Board of Directors, Governance Procedures, Audited Annual Accounts, Staff and Fundraising Costs and more.

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Esther, 28 years old, is a member of the Sauti ya Wanawake women’s
group who coordinates the Covid -19 campaign in the Marafa region. Photo: ActionAid Staff, Kenya

Working with ActionAid

ActionAid Ireland does not send volunteers overseas because we prefer to hire and train local talent in the countries we support however we often have opportunities for volunteers in Ireland.


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Heading image: A staff member of the Centre for Information Technology & Development, Salma Abdul-Waheed, leading a Covid-19 information event in Nigeria. Photo by Etinosa Yvonne/ActionAid

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