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After the death of Halimoon’s father, her mother Rina struggled to make ends meet. Desperate to feed her children, Rina took a job outside the home – leaving Halimoon and her little brother to fend for themselves.  

While her mum’s at work, Halimoon is responsible for everything from fetching water to cleaning the house and caring for her younger brother. To make a little money, the children pick litter and sell biscuits and crisps to passers-by.  

Halimoon longs to go to school. But with her mum’s earnings barely covering the cost of feeding the family, education remains a distant hope.   

Right now, millions of girls like Halimoon are living in terror of what tomorrow will bring. Your monthly gift could help change the lives of women and girls living in fear.

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€12 a month could help ActionAid set up safe spaces to get more children off the streets

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How ActionAid is helping to protect homeless children

ActionAid is creating safe spaces for forgotten children, providing nourishing food and somewhere warm to sleep.

Our local staff work hard to make sure that every child they reach grows up safe, happy and protected. A small monthly donation from you will help change the lives of homeless children around the world.

Photo credits:  #1: Aniker, 8, who lives with her family in Lalbagh slum in Dhaka Bangladesh. Photo by: Sharron Lovell/ActionAid (and Actonaid Safe Tv Advert) #2 Halimoon, 6, pictured outside her home in one of Dhaka’s many slums in Bangladesh. #3: Prosmoni (8) sits talking with her friends and Surovi, the Psychosocial worker, in Sutrapur Happy Home in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Surovi provides crucial psychosocial support to all the girls across all five Happy Homes. Photo by: Sharron Lovell/ActionAid.


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