Gaza Crisis Appeal

The humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to be catastrophic, with civilians, many of whom are innocent women and children, paying the price. Gaza’s 2.3 million people are facing a humanitarian catastrophe, with the entire population now facing crisis levels of hunger and the threat of famine increasing by the day.

The extent of the loss of life and destruction wrought Gaza since October is unprecedented, with more than 28,500 people killed – over 12,300 of them children. Gaza is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman or child right now. Women and children make up an estimated 70% of the total death toll, with more than three women killed every hour and one child killed every 10 minutes.

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Palestinian women and children carrying belongings flee to safer areas following Israeli bombardments on southern part of Gaza City.

How we are helping in Gaza

ActionAid is on the ground right now in Gaza working with our partners to provide cash assistance, emergency food and hygiene supplies to the families we can reach, as well as psychosocial support for vulnerable women and children.

We are continuing to work with Al-Awda Hospital, which is the only hospital left in Gaza city and northern Gaza. Al-Awda Hospital continues to provide maternity services and deliver babies, though under extremely challenging conditions and with a severe shortage of staff and medical supplies.

We’re also preparing to bring in aid through the much called for humanitarian corridor. We are currently procuring relief items including shelter, food, hygiene and dignity kits for women and girls, and getting medical supplies ready to go.


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Gaza Crisis - Children in need.

People displaced at Gaza

Basma* and her family were displaced from their home in Jabalia, northern Gaza, and are currently staying in a tent in Khan Younis. Basma lost her husband and is now caring for their six children alone.

She says: “I now live in a tent where life is almost non-existent. There is no electricity, no water, no food, none of the necessities of a decent life. My orphaned children sleep to the sound of tanks, bullets, airstrikes, and the sound of missiles. There are no covers, no mattresses, no bathrooms, no hygiene. And medicine is almost non-existent. There is nothing of a decent life at all.’

ActionAid’s Response in Gaza

We call on the international community to support an immediate end to violence and to seek peace talks, as this represents the most effective means to protect civilians and realise human rights in both Israel and Gaza.

With more than 85% of the population forced to flee their homes, people are living in incredibly crowded, unsanitary and inhumane conditions. People’s basic human needs increasingly cannot be met – nine out of ten people are eating less than one meal a day and struggling to find drinkable water, according to the World Food Programme

80% of the population of Gaza were already living on humanitarian assistance, this poverty can only fully be addressed through ending the violence and occupation.


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Why is it important to make a donation for the Gaza crisis?

Making a donation for the Gaza Crisis Appeal through ActionAid is crucial for several reasons. 2.3million people are facing a humanitarian catastrophe, with the entire population now facing crisis levels of hunger and the threat of famine increasing by the day. Even in the appalling circumstances our local partners continue to support people in Gaza providing food, cash and relief items.

And when it’s safe to do so, once the fighting stops, we need to be ready to respond immediately to its impact, to the thousands who will be without food, water or shelter and to support the protection of women and children. We need funds now to prepare for this.

Your contribution can make a significant impact, saving lives and providing essential support to those who need it the most. By donating to ActionAid, you join a collective effort to alleviate the suffering and bring hope to a community in dire need.


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Where your money goes

90% of your donation will go directly to our Gaza Crisis Appeal, providing vital supplies to the survivors of the conflict and those still living through it.

10% of your donation will be retained for ActionAid’s Emergency Action Fund which will only be used for ensuring we are prepared and able to respond quickly and more effectively to future emergencies and crises.

If the total amount raised for this appeal exceeds the funds needed for the response, ActionAid will transfer the remaining balance to the Emergency Action Fund.

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