Gender Based Violence: It is time to end Violence Against Women and Girls

Gender Based Violence is a problem in Ireland and around the Globe.

Stats are clear: 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence – mostly by an intimate partner. This is a violation of their human rights. Women deserve to live their lives free from violence and to pursue their dreams without being afraid. This needs to change right now! ActionAid is working to end violence against women.  

We work with communities to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls and create sustainable, long-term change.  

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Gender Based Violence is a worldwide epidemic

For 15 years, Asiah suffered extreme abuse from the hands of her husband. He beat her, abused her and refused to support her with any household income.  

She was advised by the court to stay away from her husband as there was a severe risk that he would kill her and children.

For two years, she lived her life in peace without him, but when he came back, things got worse. He threatened to sell her business leaving her with no income, and most horrifically, he kidnapped her children, including her eight-month-old son who she was still breastfeeding at the time.

Asiah was desperate for help, went straight to the police and tried for three months to get him arrested, but nobody took her case seriously. It was then that she turned to ActionAid.

Asiah with all her children
Asiah with her children (Photo credit: Esther Mbabazi/ActionAid)

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End Violence Against Women and GBV

€15 a month

€15 a month could help provide a business start-up loan for women like Asiah to help them become financially empowered.

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€8 a month

€8 a month could help ActionAid Women’s Groups, like Sauti Ya Wanawake, facilitate livelihood trainings for survivors of Gender Based Violence.

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€5 a month

€5 could provide a month’s worth of food and emotional support through counselling for one woman who has experienced domestic violence

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How ActionAid is helping to fight against Violence Against Women and Gender Based Violence

Asiah with her daughter outside her home

Through support from ActionAid, her children were returned to Asiah, and her husband was brought to court.
ActionAid also provided Asiah and her children with safe accommodation away from her husband.

Later, she took part in business training organised by ActionAid and was supported in starting up her salon business. Her life and her children’s lives have completely changed for the better. 

Speaking about her life now, Asiah says:

I’m very proud of myself. I’m living happily because I’m empowered, I can start my own business anywhere. I take care of my children and I’m happy with it.

Your support can help women and girls, like Asiah, to see a brighter future and feel safe again

Right now, thanks to the support of people like you, ActionAid is working in Asiah’s community, running women-led support groups, and providing women with essential livelihood skills to help support themselves and their families.

Our ActionAid support groups are providing safe spaces for women of all ages to meet, talk and learn. They are run by local women from the community, who have been trained in providing crucial counselling to women who have experience Gender Based Violence and all forms of trauma, empowering women in their communities to build the futures they decide.  

For women like Asiah, the groups are a genuine lifeline to a brighter future.

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Why a monthly donation?

Every donation counts, and we’re grateful for whatever you can afford. A one-off donation is a fantastic start, but it’s crucial we can be there for women in the long term — whatever it takes.

From creating safe spaces for women and children in conflicts to making sure women are part of essential crisis-response decision-making, your support could transform entire communities and save lives.

*Your donation will fund ActionAid’s work with women and girls wherever the need is greatest.

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