Paving the Way: ActionAid Ireland supporting lone parents in Direct Provision.

Arriving in a foreign country as a lone parent with no money, nowhere to live and no supports can be traumatising. Even more so if you have fled war, violence or threats to your life.
ActionAid Ireland is coordinating a new project, Paving the Way, which is working towards a future where newly arrived lone parents living in Direct Provision are supported and provided with the vital information they need to know about their human rights.

Paving the Way ActionAid Ireland supporting lone parents in Direct Provision

Funded by the St. Stephens Green Trust, the campaign – which started in 2023 and will run until 2025 – involves lone parents who are experiencing firsthand the challenges of navigating the Direct Provision system.

Over the three years, ActionAid Ireland will create safe spaces where the women in Direct Provision can claim their human rights, and access the tools, and resources they have themselves identified so their families and communities can live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

As part of the work, ActionAid Ireland and other NGOs will create a welcome pack including comprehensive information including services, rights and support networks.

In addition, the daily lives and challenges of the women involved in the campaign will be captured in photography with the view of holding a photo exhibition later in the year.


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