Help girls like Subira get the education that is their right.

Subira, 13, lives in Kenya. She knows that education is the key to a better future.

“When I finish school, I want to be a doctor so that I can treat the sick,” she says.

ActionAid’s local partner, Sauti ya Wanawake Women’s Network, supports Subira to go to school so that she has the best possible chance to achieve her ambition. They also organise a girls’ club, where girls including Subira learn about sexual and reproductive health, and their rights over their body.

“I am happy to be learning. Florence is our teacher. She teaches us well,” Subira says. “I will study hard. I want to avoid early pregnancy as it will prevent me from continuing my education.”

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Help us stop global education budget cuts

Education is in crisis. Almost 244 million children and young people worldwide are out of school. We are calling on the Irish government to use their influence at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to champion teachers, and also to ensure our own international tax policies do not unfairly divert funds away from essential public services like education.

Ireland has a proud track record of funding and promoting education across the world, changing children’s lives and the communities around them.

But this vital work is being undermined by advice given by the International Monetary Fund, which continues to put pressure on low-income countries to cut public sector wage bills. Lowering public sector wage bills means fewer teachers, on lower pay – and therefore children, especially girls, are more likely to miss out on an education.

Help children get the free, quality education that is their right.

Why is educating girls so important?

When girls get an education, it transforms their lives and their communities around them. They are more likely to earn more, marry at a later age, have fewer children and provide them with better healthcare and education.

That is why ActionAid helps girls get the free, quality education that is their right. We also support girls through girls’ forums – safe spaces where they can discuss issues affecting them and access guidance, counselling and medical support.

Yet more than 660,000 girls are out of primary school in Kenya alone. We must help more girls like Subira into education, so that they can fulfil their potential.

In addition to providing urgent support to girls who are currently out of school, we are also campaigning to create long-term change, by advocating for increased investment in education and teachers from governments like Kenya’s.

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For the Right to Education


€ 9 a month, over a year could pay for one month's salary of a teacher at an ActionAid supported catch-up centre

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€15 each month could provide one more girl with a school bag, exercise book, pens and a geometry set – all the essential things she needs to go back to school.

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€29 a month could pay for the hire of a building where the girls have their catch-up centre sessions, preparing them to return to school.

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About ActionAid Ireland

ActionAid works with women and children who are excluded​ and live in poverty, as they take the lead in claiming their human rights and changing the systems in society so that they can live safe lives and access food, education and healthcare.​

The women in these communities are empowered to take the lead – they decide their priorities, and we support them as they engage with the rest of their community and the wider power structures in society, to bring about change for the better that benefits the whole community.​

We also work together to hold our governments and international institutions to account, campaigning side by side to achieve meaningful long-term change to create a more just world.

Why a monthly donation?

Every donation counts, and we’re grateful for whatever you can afford. A one-off donation is a fantastic start, but it’s crucial we can be there for women in the long term — whatever it takes.

From creating safe spaces for women and children in conflicts to making sure women are part of essential crisis-response decision-making, your support could transform entire communities and save lives.

*Your donation will fund ActionAid’s work with women and girls wherever the need is greatest.

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