Help Keep Girls Safe This Winter

When she was just 7 years old, Anu’s father was paralyzed and lost his job, leaving her mother as the sole earner for Anu and her large family.  

Since the tragedy, Anu’s mum has been forced to work grueling hours for little pay in the local garment factory. While her mum works long hours, Anu is often left alone, and lives in fear of being harassed or even worse – raped – like the stories she heard from other young girls in her neighbourhood.  

Right now, in cities like Dhaka in Bangladesh, there are thousands of young girls like Anu who are deeply vulnerable to the people who want to hurt them. This Christmas, give a donation today to help keep girls like Anu safe from harm.

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Help a child this Winter

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€20 could ensure a vulnerable girl has a warm bed to sleep in for her first 14 nights at Happy Homes. 

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€50  could provide 2 girls with a safe bed, hot meals and access to education and livelihood training skills for their first week at our Happy Homes Centre. 

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€100  could provide a vulnerable girl with a full month’s stay at Happy Homes, where she will have a safe bed, hot meals, clothing and the chance at the childhood she deserves.    

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How ActionAid is helping to keep girls safe from harm

Anu was lucky. She was found by ActionAid staff during a visit to her neighbourhood and with her family’s consent, came to live at Happy Homes.  

At Happy Homes she has a safe bed, a hot meal every day and access to education.  

Today, Anu – who once lived with the constant threat of danger and fear – has a safe place to play, make friends and above all else, a chance of the childhood she deserves. 

Since 2005, ActionAid’s Happy Homes project has helped rescue thousands of girls, send them to school and given them the skills they need to find jobs when they grow up. Our Happy Homes offer young girls a safe place from abuse, and exploitation.  

Your gift today could help us continue our vital work and help keep even more girls safe around the world. 

Photo Credits:

#1 Kamala* lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh with her family. Photo by: Sharron Lovell/ActionAid. Kamala* is a pseudonym to protect her identity.

# 2 Anu (9) today in Happy Homes (Credit: ActionAid Bangladesh)  

#3 Girls in the Happy Homes project are provided with a safe place to live, learn and play! (Credit: Lovell/ActionAid) 

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