Your gift can help us reach more women like Anjana

ActionAid teams recently provided Anjana and her family with a package to feed her children, including 1 COVID prevention kit with masks, hand sanitizer, soap, toothpaste, sanitary pads, paracetamol and a digital thermometer.  

€50 is the cost of 2 sanitation kits;
€80 could provide a family with basic food and non-food items for 1 month. 

Photo by Sabin Shrestha/ActionAid Nepal

Donate to the coronavirus appeal now

Anjana and her family were affected by the earthquake in 2015. She used to work as an agricultural labourer and earned about 5 euro per day, but work is only available for approximately 10 days in a month. Since last month, there is no work at all, which means no income for her family. She counts on ActionAid’s community of supporters to help her feed her children.

Please, will you give an urgent gift today and send 1, 2 or 10 food packages and sanitation kits to support defenceless families as coronavirus creeps ever closer?

“I can’t even afford to buy a packet of biscuits for my children. Our savings were almost gone within the first two weeks of lockdown. There has been an increase in our daily food needs since everyone is staying home as schools are closed. I cannot think what I’d have done if it wasn’t for ActionAid.” Anjana, Nepal. Photo by Sabin Shrestha/ActionAid


Emergency Appeal / One-Off Donation

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