Period poverty affects women and girls all over the world.

Access to sanitary products, safe, hygienic spaces in which to use them, and the right to manage menstruation without shame or stigma, is essential for anyone who menstruates.

But for many, this is not a reality. This is not just a potential health risk – it can also mean women and girls’ education, well-being, and sometimes entire lives are affected.

That’s why we work with women and girls, community leaders, men and boys, schools and governments to help end period poverty around the world — once and for all.

From supporting Girls’ Clubs that help girls learn about periods, to distributing sanitary kits in emergencies and training women to make cheap, reusable sanitary pads, we’re working to make sure every woman and girl can manage her period with dignity. And we’re making progress every day.

Will you support women and girls every month?


Stop banishing women and girls
from their homes because of their period.
You can help girls like Ishu


Period poverty during the coronavirus pandemic

We are currently responding to the coronavirus pandemic as it hits the world’s poorest countries.

As Covid-19 spreads to Africa, South East Asia and Latin America, the world’s most vulnerable are facing a catastrophe of immense proportions. ActionAid is on the frontline of the crisis helping to stop the spread and save lives, including by distributing hygiene kits to women and girls, so they can safely manage their health.

If you prefer to give once, please complete the form below. €25 could provide dignity kits containing sanitary towels for girls like Hibaq who can’t afford them. 

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