Reasons to sign our petitions – End Child Marriage

When you sign our petitions you are helping us to demonstrate that a large number of people are aware of, and have a position on a certain practice (for example, child marriage and genital mutilation – our current campaign).

It works best when the number of petitioners is high. This way we can send a clear message (1) to the community groups we partner with who are actively trying to promote an end to child marriage in their communities – this is an expression of solidarity, showing that people know and care (very powerful); (2) we also use the petition to build public awareness in Kenya (and other countries) of alternatives to child marriage, and (3) our colleagues in ActionAid Kenya (and Ethiopia and Nepal) will bring the case to the attention of regional and national governments they are working with to build awareness of children’s rights and of the need to enforce laws already in place against early marriage.

When you sign and decide to join our community of donors as well, you’re making a bigger impact in the lives of thousands of girls at risk.

Thanks for your interest in women’s and girls’ rights.

ActionAid Team

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