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Asiah is a 35-year-old successful businesswoman who lives in Kampala, Uganda with her children. She works incredibly hard at the brick-making business and the two salons that she founded to support herself and her family. She is a role model for not only her children, but for all the women in her community.

However, Asiah’s life was not always this happy. For years, she suffered severe verbal and physical abuse from her husband. He ended up kidnaping two of her children, one of whom was only eight months at the time, and Asiah was still breastfeeding.

Asiah with all her children

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€20 could provide food and emotional support through counselling for one woman who has experienced domestic violence

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€50 could help ActionAid Women’s Groups facilitate livelihood trainings for survivors of Gender Based Violence.

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€100 could help provide a business start-up loan for women like Asiah to help them become financially empowered.

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How ActionAid is supporting women like Asiah

Asiah decided to turn to ActionAid Uganda for help. With their help, she was provided with temporary accommodation, while they helped her find her husband. He was taken to court and her children were safely returned to her.

Following this, Asiah decided to enrol in a business training course that was being organised by ActionAid. This is where she was helped to start up her first salon business. She has gone on to have her own brick-making business, as well as selling chicken eggs and firewood.  

Reflecting on how far she has come, Asiah says, ‘I’m very proud of myself. I’m living happily because I’m empowered, I can start my own business anywhere. I take care of my children and I’m happy with it.’

Asiah with her daughter outside her home

Your donation today could help other women like Asiah, who have experienced Gender Based Violence, become financially independent so they can support themselves and their families.

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