Help end period poverty

Many of us know what it’s like to lend a tampon or a pad to someone — anyone — who needs one. It doesn’t matter if it’s your sister, a friend, or a complete stranger in the loo. It’s an unwritten rule that we always help out in an emergency, if we can.

What about a young girl or a woman living in a refugee camp? Would you help her out too, if you could? So if you know what it’s like to need a tampon or a pad, and to be helped out by a stranger, please pass the favour on.

As Covid-19 spreads to Africa, South East Asia and Latin America, the world’s most vulnerable are facing a catastrophe of immense proportions. ActionAid is on the frontline of the crisis helping to stop the spread and save lives. Donate just €7 a month to ActionAid now, and help share a better period with someone in need.

Your donation could help us distribute dignity kits to women and girls, so they can safely manage their periods.

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Help end period poverty

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