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ActionAid is calling on the Irish Government to use all of its diplomatic and public channels to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to deescalate violence in Gaza.

A permanent ceasefire needs to be put in place to protect civilians and hospitals, in accordance with international humanitarian law. Not only are hospitals treating thousands of patients, they also act as shelters for civilians fleeing Israeli bombardment.

We urge all parties to abide by international law to protect innocent civilians – the violence against civilians in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank must stop. Israel must agree to an immediate ceasefire.

The need for a ceasefire is urgent. In Gaza, one child is dying every ten minutes, 50,000 women currently pregnant will have to give birth under horrific conditions, places of sanctuary like schools, hospitals, refugee camps, and shelters are being bombed daily. There is no time to wait.

Please add your support to the call for a ceasefire now!

To stop this suffering, violence and death, we urge Ireland to continue to use every diplomatic effort to call for the following priorities:

• an immediate and permanent ceasefire in order to protect civilians’ lives in Gaza, Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territory. There is a moral duty to do everything we can, everywhere we can, to build pressure for an immediate ceasefire.

• full, safe access to humanitarian assistance in Gaza and protection of civilians that enables essential humanitarian supplies, including medical supplies, fuel and non-food items to be provided. The withholding of these essential items is a collective punishment that constitutes not only a violation of international law, but also a serious violation of basic human rights in accordance with international law and human rights.

• compliance of all parties with international law

• accountability for violations through effective investigation into alleged international crimes, preventing suppression of NGOs, including those affected by funding cuts, supporting active involvement of women and young people, their organisations and networks in efforts for accountability.

Ireland can play a unique role in progressing these priorities through two key opportunities:

• its close relationship with the United States, building upon President Biden’s recent visit to Ireland and his pride in the United States’ role in the Irish peace process, which culminated in the Good Friday Agreement. Ireland can now stress in its formal and informal engagements the urgent need for the US to go beyond a call for a temporary pause in violence, and endorse an immediate and permanent ceasefire. Ireland should also push for the US’s support for opening humanitarian channels into Gaza and compliance and accountability under international law.

• Its position within the EU to leverage support. We recommend using this space to generate EU wide support for a permanent ceasefire and unobstructed humanitarian aid, specifically among opposing states.”

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ActionAid is calling on the Irish Government to use its diplomatic and public channels to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to deescalate violence in Gaza.

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