Why Child Sponsorship is the Answer

Does child sponsorship work?

Pinki lives in Bara, Nepal, where many children remain out of school, especially in rural in areas. She was out of school when she joined an ActionAid Children’s Group where she learnt about women’s rights and the right to education.

Taking this knowledge Pinki went back to school. Then she went door to door and recruited 63 other children from her region who had dropped out of school and helped them to return to education also. She is 12 years old.

Why is child sponsorship the answer?

The regular, long-term gift of child sponsorship means that communities can organise and deliver tried and tested methods of lifting themselves out of poverty, such as Children’s Groups like Pinki’s.

Why child sponsorship makes a difference

  • We involve children like Pinki in decisions that effect their lives and teach them about their rights.
  • We work in communities for ten years or so, and have an exit plan so the work doesn’t stop when we leave.
  • We work at a local, national and international level to achieve sustainable change for the poorest communities. For example we lobby governments for laws to keep children in school, work with local government’s to source funding for more and better schools and then work with groups at a local level to keep children in school.


Pinki Child Sponsorship

How child sponsorship works?

When you sign-up to become a child sponsor ActionAid will send you a photo of a child who urgently needs your help. You will be their only sponsor.

Your monthly donation will go to the community your sponsored child lives in. We’ve learnt over 35 years that the best way to bring about lasting change is to help the whole community. This ensures that child sponsorship works.

How much does child sponsorship cost?

Child Sponsorship costs €23 per month. You can pay in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments.

What you get from child sponsorship?

You will receive two messages from your sponsored child a year. Each message comes with a short update from the field worker, letting you know how your sponsored child is doing. Once every two years, you’ll also get a new photo of your sponsored child.

Where your child sponsorship money goes?

Your child sponsorship money is split 72:28. 72% of the money goes to the child’s community and 28% is spent on campaigning for structural changes to end poverty, on raising awareness about our work and on encouraging others to become child sponsors.

See child sponsorship in action!

Did you know that you can visit the child that you sponsor?

In 2016 two of ActionAid Ireland’s long term child sponsors decided to visit the child they sponsor in the village of Dharmangar, Nepal, for themselves, at their own expense. Trish and Gerry Kerr met Sujit and his family in and were in their own words “blown away” by the work that they have been supporting in the community. Watch the short video that they made on their return here:

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