Rohingya Refugee Appeal

Donate to refugees arriving in Bangladesh

An estimated 604,000 Rohingya refugees – mostly women and children – have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar over the past few weeks.

More than half of all new arrivals are children, and one in ten are pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. And they are in desperate need of food, shelter, clean water and medical aid. Many people have injuries and are exhausted as they arrive in Bangladesh.

Families are living huddled beneath sheets of plastic, with no access to clean water, toilets or sanitary facilities. People have to cook and wash using contaminated water from the same sources. And so the risk of waterborne diseases spreading in these conditions is high, unless we act now.

ActionAid is on the ground providing emergency food, clean drinking water, and hygiene kits including sanitary cloths, soap and clean underwear. We will be building toilets, washing facilities for women and children and women’s centres where mothers can breastfeed in private. At these centres women will be able to access essential hygiene kits, medical referrals and emotional support.

  • €50 could provide emergency food supplies such as rice, oil and sugar
  • €145 could provide materials for an emergency latrine

Please donate now to help make sure we can reach every person in need.

Photographed is the Uchiprang camp and surrounding areas in Cox’s Bazaar. Photographer’s Credit: Md. Sariful Islam/ActionAid

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