Light up the lives of children this Christmas

Will you make a Christmas donation to help a vulnerable child feel less afraid?

For children growing up in conflict-hit countries, violence is part of everyday life. Some have witnessed bombings or shootings. And more lie awake in terror every night, listening to the sound of gunfire.

Left without basic services like light and heat, and afraid to leave their homes, children in Gaza are growing up facing hardship and trauma. Whole families live in total darkness at night because of regular power cuts. And so they are unable to cook, do homework, or move around safely indoors or outside.

Amnah’s Story

12-year-old Amnah’s life was transformed when her family received a rechargeable LED light. Before, in the winter months, she would dash home from school and try to get her homework done before darkness fell. Or she’d crouch at night with a candle in one hand and a book in the other. But, she felt terrified doing that – candles are such a fire risk. And Amnah knew other people using them had set their homes alight.

Nowadays, those worries are behind her. Amnah’s LED light shines brightly into the night as she studies and her hard work is paying off at school, where she dreams of becoming a doctor.

Make a Christmas donation to ActionAid and you can help girls like Amnah grow up without fear.

  • €1,000 could help a whole community of children to learn and feel safe, by giving them LED lights, street lighting and special after-school clubs where they can forget their fears for a while.
  • €250 could help run our special after-school clubs, where children can learn and get support.
  • €100 could pay for street lighting and help keep children safe on their walk home from school.
  • €50 could buy bright LED lights to help a girl study late and feel safe at night.

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