Nepal Flood Appeal

Help those most in need today

Since 11th August 2017, one-third of Nepal has been flooded after the heaviest monsoon floods in years.

Many areas of Nepal remain cut off and stranded without food, water and electricity. At least 149 people have died, over 1.7 million people have been affected and 460,000 people are displaced. Within 48 hours of the flooding, ActionAid Nepal staff and partners were on the ground delivering relief support.

Schools Destroyed

ActionAid has long promoted the education of young people in Nepal. Because of education, child labour and child marriage have decreased dramatically. However, the floods have jeopardised this progress.

In the Bardiya district alone approximately 12,970 students have been left without adequate school facilities. Student at Shree Bhada Primary School, Nabin, told us:

“My books, copies, bags, uniform all got washed away. I go to school wearing a t-shirt and underwear. In classrooms, we sit on the floor.”

Heading Image: Shree Bhada Primary School in Bardiya, which was flooded and everything inside destroyed

Pictured above: Abhishek, 9, from Bhada Primary School, holds up school materials that were destroyed by the flooding. 

How your donation could help:

  • €111 could pay for seating for a primary classroom damaged by floods
  • €70 could pay for teaching & learning materials for a whole class disrupted by floods
  • €40 could buy uniforms for 10 children, so they can go to school with dignity.

Please make a donation to help fulfill these needs for the most vulnerable and marginalised people in Nepal. Thank you!

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