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15-year-old Hibaq lives in a camp for displaced people in Somaliland. She’s been there since 2017, when devastating droughts in the country meant her family lost their entire livelihood.

Like many women and girls, Hibaq struggled to manage aspects of her periods due to the living conditions in the camp. There are no private toilets, just the ground outside, so they only relieve themselves at night-time. This puts them at risk of an attack by men or animals like hyenas. They don’t have clean water to wash her clothes and underwear either, increasing the risk of infection.

But thanks to ActionAid supporters, our local staff are distributing dignity kits to women and girls in the camp, containing essentials like sanitary pads, soap and water.

It means that even when they’ve lost everything, girls like Hibaq can still manage their periods safely, and with dignity.

Will you help share a better period with someone in need today?

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