How Does Child Sponsorship Work?

How does child sponsorship work?

ActionAid will send you a photo of a child who urgently needs your help. And you will be their only sponsor. Your donation will go to help your sponsored child and the people who matter to them most – their family, friends and neighbours. We’ve learnt over 35 years that the best way to bring about lasting change is to help the whole community. This ensures that child sponsorship works.

What happens when you sponsor a child?

You will receive two messages from your sponsored child a year. Each message comes with a short update from the field worker, letting you know how your sponsored child is doing. In addition, you’ll get two reports from the community each year. These let you know how your money is being spent and how you are helping to change lives. Once every two years, you’ll also get a new photo of your sponsored child.

How much is child sponsorship?

Child Sponsorship costs €25  per month. You can pay in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments.

Sponsor a child how it works

Reasons to sponsor a child with ActionAid?

  • Our campaigning work is leading to significant changes in the way that governments and international bodies deal with poverty. This transforms the lives of millions of children around the world.
  • We are rooted in communities. Most of our staff are local to your sponsored child and understand first hand the problems and challenges. As a result, this brings real change that lasts. We achieve as much as possible with every Euro you give us.
  • We put every sponsor in touch with an individual child. So you can be sure that you are forming a real relationship with a child. And you will be their only sponsor.
  • Most of your donation goes to projects in your sponsored child’s community, rather than being put into a ‘general fund’ and spent all over the world.
  • We make sure children understand the role they’re playing in their community’s development. And we involve all children so that none are left out.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

Yes, please do write to your sponsored child. You can now even write to the child you sponsor online. 

What happens to messages I send?

When your message reaches your sponsored child’s community we  share it with all the children in the community so that none are singled out. And if your child attends school, the messages may be translated and shared in class and then displayed for a little while before being given to your sponsored child for them to keep.

Will my sponsored child be singled out in the community?

No, because we’re very careful to make sure that sponsorship is fair for all children in the community, and that every child benefits.

What happens if I can’t continue as a sponsor?

We hope you’ll be able to continue, but please get in touch if for any reason you’re having difficulty. If your circumstances change and you do want to stop, you can do so with a simple phone call.


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