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Drought is ravaging Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Desperate families trek for days to try and find food, water and help. Many die of starvation on the way. Mothers and fathers. Grandparents. Children. Beloved babies.

But you can be a lifesaver today.

ActionAid Ireland has joined with six other leading Irish aid agencies to create a united response through The Irish Emergency Alliance. We are appealing urgently for your help to provide life-saving food, water and health care now. Please click below to visit the Irish Emergency Alliance website and choose your lifesaving gift now.

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Horn of Africa Appeal

Over 20 million children, women and men, nearly three times the population of the island of Ireland, are facing starvation in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. After four failed rainy seasons over the past two years, parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are facing the worst drought in 40 years. Harvests continue to fail and nearly 9 million livestock have died. More than 1.5 million people have been forced to abandon their homes, often walking for days in search of food and water.

Will you act now to save lives? Please donate to Irish Emergency Alliance website follow the link below.

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Dead livestock found in the community of Ceel-Dheere

The Human Face Of This Unfolding Tragedy

Ibrahim Yarow (49) and his wife Abshiro Adn Mohammad (35) and their children left their village in Wajid Region of Somalia when the last of their goats died. They walked for 20 days with their nine children, all already weak from a lack of food, until they reached a camp for people who have been displaced, around 70km from their home.

Tragically, in their first week on the road, their two-year-old daughter Feizal, died in their arms.

Ibrahim said, “We had no food or water setting out on our journey. When we came to a town we managed to get a little to eat and drink to allow us continue. But my daughter didn’t make it. She didn’t have enough food. The life left her. We had to bury her on the side of the road and continue the journey. We had to keep moving or we would have all died.”

What is causing the food crisis

The food crisis has been caused by multiple factors including the escalating impact of climate change with back-to-back droughts and locust plagues, the Covid-19 pandemic and protracted conflict. The food crisis is largely caused by negative impacts of climate change as global actions fall short to limit global warming.  And the war in Ukraine aggravated an already acute situation. Rocketing global food and energy costs are disproportionally affecting those already experiencing hunger in Eastern Africa.

Irish Emergency Alliance

The Irish Emergency Alliance is made up of ActionAid, Christian Aid, Plan International, Self Help Africa, Tearfund, Trócaire and World Vision. These agencies come together when disasters strike to ensure that aid is used most effectively through our individual networks, ensuring we can meet peoples most urgent needs, more quickly and effectively.

Please click below to visit the Irish Emergency Alliance website and  choose your lifesaving gift now.

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