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When 14 year old Violet decided to leave her family home and move in with her sister so that she could be closer to school, she dreamed of finishing her education and having a bright future to look forward to – just like any other girl her age. 

But one night changed her life drastically. While her sister was away, Violet was sexually assaulted by her brother-in-law, a man she thought was part of her family, and a man she thought she could trust. 

Violet that was still just a child at the time, she discovered she was pregnant. 

That was four years ago. Still only 18 years old, Violet is now faced with raising her beautiful daughter alone, without the proper phycological support and without the education she could have had. 

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Will you help young mothers like Violet learn vital and life-changing skills? 

Violet, then just 14 years old, had dreams of finishing her education in the hope of a brighter future for herself and her family. But those dreams were brutally put on hold one night when she was sexually assaulted by her brother-in-law while all her other family were out of the house. This is what Violet told us: 

‘At around 1 or 2am in the night, he came to where I was sleeping, and he raped me. He held my arms strongly. I struggled with him. He did what he wanted to do and left. I was left helpless. The next morning, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t walk.’ 

After her traumatic gender based violence experience, she had to try to cope all on her own because nobody in her remote community in rural Kenya wanted to hear her story or give her the support she so desperately needed.

ActionAid Ireland is now working in Violet’s community, bringing her and girls just like her, the hope for a brighter tomorrow, with emotional and economic support to empower girls just like her, to change their lives for good. 

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End Violence Against Women and GBV

€5 a month

€5 a month could help fund an ActionAid workshop, teaching young women like Violet to make their own soap so that they can build a sustainable business

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€8 a month

€8 a month could provide a safe spaces for young women experiencing GBV so that they can get the emotional and psychological support they need

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€12 a month

€12 a month could help train local women as mentors in our ActionAid Women’s Group so that they can support young vulnerable women like Violet

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Your support can help young mothers like Violet to see a brighter future 

Right now, thanks to the support of people like you, ActionAid is working in Violet’s community, running women-led support groups, and teaching young women the essential skills to help support themselves and their families. 

Our ActionAid support groups are providing safe spaces for women of all ages to meet, talk and learn. They are run by local women from the community, who have been trained in providing crucial counselling to women who have experience gender based violence and all forms of trauma, empowering women in their communities to build the futures they decide. 

For young women like Violet, the groups are a genuine lifeline to a brighter future 

Soap making distribution point where actionAid members teach young women from the community how to make soap. Mwakilemba, Kishishe, Taita County. 17th September 2020

How your donation will be used

Every donation counts, and we’re grateful for whatever you can afford. A one-off donation is a fantastic start, but it’s crucial we can be there for women in the long term — whatever it takes. From creating safe spaces for women and children in conflicts to making sure women are part of essential crisis-response decision-making, your support could transform entire communities and save lives.

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