Help a young mother like violet get the support she needs

When Violet decided to leave her family home and move in with her sister so that she could be closer to school, she was intent on finishing her education and creating a bright future for herself.

But one night, when her sister was away, Violet was brutally sexually assaulted by her brother-in-law – a man she thought she could trust.

Violet was just 14 at the time. She was still a child. Then she discovered she was pregnant.

That was three years ago. Still only 17, Violet is now faced with raising her beautiful son alone. Without emotional support, without education or training, her future – once so full of promise – now seems bleak.

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Will you help young mothers like Violet get the support they desperately need with a Christmas gift today?

Right now, with the support of people like you, ActionAid is working in Violet’s community, running women-led support groups and teaching young women essential skills to help support themselves and their families.

Our ActionAid support groups also provide safe spaces for women of all ages to meet, talk and learn. They’re run by women from the community, who are skilled in training as well as providing crucial counselling that can empower women to build the futures they decide.

For young women like Violet, the groups are a genuine lifeline to a brighter future.

Soap making distribution point where actionAid members teach young women from the community how to make soap. Mwakilemba, Kishishe, Taita County. 17th September 2020

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