El Niño Drought Crisis

“My mum and dad eat less now. When I think of better times, I think of better food like more rice. I felt bad when our animals died.”


Najma’s parents, like many others, are making unspeakable sacrifices for their children after the El Niño weather pattern has caused drought in their region. ActionAid has so far supported 10,000 people in Somaliland like Najma and her parents. We are providing, food, water, sanitation, livestock, and other necessary supplies.

60 million of the world’s most vulnerable people are affected by droughts, floods, and other extreme weather caused by El Niño.

ActionAid is working to respond to this growing crisis by providing food, water and livestock. We are also planning a long term response to help people adapt to the changing climate. We cannot do any of this without your help.

What is El Niño?

El Niño is a cyclical weather pattern that happens every few years, when the water in the Pacific Ocean near the equator gets hotter than usual, and sets off a chain of events that affect the atmosphere and weather around the world.

Climate change has made the 2015-2016 El Niño one of the worst in history. 

Millions of the world’s poorest people are set to be affected by increasing droughts, floods and other weather-related disasters that are happening more and more often. These disasters are destroying crops and killing the cattle and goats of people who are dependent on them to survive.

ActionAid’s response

ActionAid is running emergency food programmes in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. We’re building water tanks to store water, and giving loans to women, so that they can build up their businesses and become less reliant on livestock for their living.

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