Donate your commute, and other ways to help from home

  • Date: 06/05/2020
  • Author: ActionAid Ireland

Being stuck indoors isn’t easy, and it can leave us feeling a little lost. But at this difficult time, keeping busy and supporting others can be a great way to stay positive.

As Covid-19 spreads to Africa, South East Asia and Latin America, the world’s most vulnerable are facing catastrophe. That’s why ActionAid is working on the frontline of the crisis.

We’re helping to stop the spread and save lives as the pandemic hits the world’s poorest. We’re distributing life-saving advice, health information and hygiene kits to vulnerable communities, and distributing food and other essential supplies to families who have no way of earning a living during lockdown.

But how can you make a difference? Find out below the top three ways to help stop the spread and save lives.

1. Donate the money you’re saving on your commute 

If you’re working from home, you might be saving money you’d usually spend on train tickets, your Leap card, bus fares or petrol.

What better way to give back than to simply #DonateYourCommute?

If you donate just €30 you could purchase 1 infection prevention kit to help stop the spread of coronavirus in Palestine.

2.  Create your own Facebook fundraiser!

Trying to stay active but need an extra push?

Why not challenge yourself to a personal fitness goal and ask your friends and family for support? Not only will the social pressure make sure you stay on track but you are also raising essential funds to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. #winwin.

Set up your Facebook fundraising page here.

All the proceeds will go directly to our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal. Do you want to set up a fundraiser on Facebook but don’t know how? Add your email here to download our fundraising guide.

3.  Share our Coronavirus Appeal on social media

ActionAid is working hard across the world to help stop the spread of Covid-19. But we urgently need to reach more people.

The quickest and easiest way to help is to share our donation page on social media (and encourage a friend or family member to give what they can).

We’re so grateful for your help. A huge thank you from everyone at ActionAid.

A version of this blog was originally published by ActionAid UK:

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