Keep girls like Taslima safe.

“I was terrified. There were so many people rushing around. I couldn’t look back. I had to keep running. I don’t have parents now. My mum died after getting ill two months ago and my dad was killed in front of me. I saw the shooting but I had to run away to save my life.”

Taslima, 10, is part of the Rohingya ethnic minority fleeing violence in Myanmar.

Please donate below stating the amount that you would like to give.

  • €25 could ensure that in times of emergency women and girls like Taslima can receive a dignity kit.
  • €50 could help to create Women’s Safe Spaces.
  • €100 could provide vulnerable women with solar lamps to keep them safe in the dark.
  • €250 could provide a dignity kit to 10 women or girls in need.



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