Cyclone Idai and Kenneth Appeal

Cyclone Idai Appeal

Thousands of people are in urgent need in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, following Cyclone Idai. Hundreds of people have been killed and the cyclone is affecting an estimated 2.6 million people.

The cyclone made landfall on Thursday 14th March. As a result, whole regions of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi are completely devastated.

A second disaster, Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique on April 25th, destroying 35,000 homes in the region. This is exacerbating the devastation already caused by Cyclone Idai.

ActionAid is on the ground and providing relief items such as food, blankets, hygiene kits, water sterilising tablets, water containers, clothes, and tents.

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What is a Cyclone?

A cyclone is a system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low pressure

Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon. We just use different names for these storms in different places. In the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, the term “hurricane” is used.

What is ActionAid doing in southern Africa?

ActionAid already has well-established projects in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. And so we have already launched a response in the affected areas to provide immediate aid.

About our work in emergencies

Women and girls suffer disproportionately during humanitarian emergencies. And so, we seek to put local women in charge. They advise what their communities need. And they oversee the distribution of aid to the most vulnerable, to ensure fairness and transparency. When a disaster strikes, our local staff work round the clock delivering life-saving supplies to the worst-hit communities.

How you can help

You can help today by donating to our appeal so we can urgently get supplies to those who need them most.

  • €35 could provide oral immunisations to stop cholera killing survivors of the floods
  • €60 could feed a family forced to flee the floods for a whole month.
  • €115 could help bring dignity to people who have lost everything, by building temporary bathrooms with toilets and washing facilities.
  • €270 could provide a secure tent for a family of 7 to 10 people whose home was washed away.


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Photo credit:

Community members sort through the rubble and damage left by Cyclone Idai in Ngangu township, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe.

Photographer: Zinyange Auntony/ActionAid

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