Violence against women and girls should stop with me.” – Florence, Women’s Network Executive Director, Uganda.




In Uganda, women are fighting for their lives …

But because of you, women like Florence are learning to rise together.

Florence was forced to leave her husband due to domestic violence.

Like so many women in Africa, she was solely dependent on her husband’s income and struggled raising her children alone.

Today, Florence is the Executive Director of the Tusotkirewamu Women’s Network in Kampala. Tusotkirewamu means “Let’s Rise Together”.

With your support, the Network funds training for survivors and teaches them how to run their own small businesses. Women learn practical skills like many sanitary pads, schoolbooks for children and liquid soap to sell.

These skills mean new lives for women and for their children. Lives with respect and financial freedom. Lives without violence.

“I am very proud of what I am doing, and I have a passion for it, because when I see the women are smiling, I also smile”


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