3 ways you can help prevent FGM

  • Date: 05/02/2021
  • Author: Jo-Ann Ward

Photo caption: Emily, a local ActionAid anti-FGM coordinator in West Pokot, Kenya. Photo credit: Ashley Hammer/ActionAid

It’s been nearly a year since we launched our petition demanding the Government ends FGM in Ireland.

From attending events to tweeting TDs, you’ve been with us throughout the journey as we work together to end this practice. 

Below you can find 3 easy steps you can take today to continue standing up for women and girls in the fight against FGM.

1. Education

There is a huge lack of awareness about FGM in Ireland.

Given its hidden nature, it often takes place behind closed doors and with FGM survivors excluded from public services or from speaking out.

Remember, every time you speak about FGM, you are informing and engaging people. That is powerful.

However, it’s important to be informed about FGM and ensure you are not perpetuating harmful stereotypes. We’ve created this handy FAQ page to answer your questions and debunk common misconceptions.

We also frequently hold events around FGM. These are a great way to hear the lived experiences of people who have survived FGM, as well as from experts in the field.

Please email info@actionaid.ie to sign up to these events.    

2. Tweet or share on social media

Using our collective voice helps to increase pressure on the Government and policymakers to tackle this issue. 

Will you tweet your local TDs and ask them to pledge their support to #EndFGM? Make sure to tag @Actionaid_Ire so we can amplify your voice!

3. Give a gift

“If this campaign is supported with some funds, we will save more lives; we will change the lives of these girls.”

Emily (pictured above) works for ActionAid Kenya in West Pokot where an estimated 72% of girls undergo FGM.

She works with over 100 girls:

We do girls’ forums, we educate girls to know their rights, and convince them to know the bad effects of FGM”.

Joining our community of givers – for as little as €5 per month – is a powerful expression of solidarity and kindness in the fight against FGM.

We’re so grateful for your support. A huge thank you from everyone at ActionAid.

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